Free 2 Play Academy: Introduction

Free 2 Play

I have to begin by prefacing that I am a terrible writer. Like I need to go back to grammar school to learn grammar! So I have hesitated to write on our blog in fear that I would be harshly judged. But, there are more important things in life than my fragile ego. I have a mission, Longevity has a mission, to help spread and sustain Free 2 Play.

What is Free 2 Play? Essentially it is a free, online resource to transform lives through fitness, encouragement, and empowerment. But it is really so much more that you have to just check out their site, sign up as an athlete, and experience it! You can also read this blog, as I explore all the exercises, biomechanics, sign language, and as I help my children’s school implement F2P.

I will also be sharing what my business partner Christine is doing at her children’s elementary school. It will be interesting to see all the different applications of F2P in different environments (PE, sports specific, classroom), among different age groups (K-6, parents), and in a public school vs a private school setting.

F2P is available to anyone and everyone. So I encourage everyone to sign up as an athlete and share about it. We can learn from each other!

Like Gary Gray, creator of F2P, say…”Perspire to Inspire”

Sandra VanGilder, DPT



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