3 weeks of Free 2 Play at SJA

It’s been really fun to watch the athletic director of Saint James Academy implement different matrices for the kids. This morning, I saw a bunch of 7th graders doing anterior lunges to the opposition side. Mind you, there was a lot of giggling and smiling faces, even at an early hour of 7:45am.

But to back track a little. I want to give a quick summary of how to sign up for f2p on your own, if your PT teacher does not do it, or if your school does not offer PE and you’d like to help you kids be more healthy and active.

1. Go to website: Free 2 Play

2. Click “Athlete” in upper right corner and sign up

3. Go to Matrix Library on top bar

4. Click on any matrix…this is the fun part

5. You need to watch the whole clip of the exercise, strategy, and sign language, before you can add the matrix to your “Locker”. Than click “Add to my Locker” at the bottom of the video screen. If you don’t see it, try expanding your screen.

That’s it for now, have fun experimenting with all the matrices. Must warn you that even though the exercises look benign, because the exercises are 3-dimensional and they ask you to reach and step beyond what your muscles are typically use to, there might be a little, healthy muscle soreness!

Have a great day!


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