February Newsletter: Football Fun At Carlsbad

Everyone Is Busy Training At Longevity Physical Therapy

February is a very exciting month for Longevity Physical Therapy Carlsbad. That is when some of the country’s best college football players descend upon Longevity and Prolific Athletes as they prepare for the NFL Scouting Combine.

From helping with minor tuneups to assisting in the recovery of injuries, Longevity enjoys working with Heisman Trophy winners and other star college football players to help them prepare for life in the NFL.

But those are not the only athletes we work with. Amazing collegiate athletes lunge into a sprints, while we train others to lunge for walking.

Nearly all of our strength training exercises are gravity-based involving multiple joints and are performed in three planes of motion through the full, available range of motion. Mobility and strength are stressed in each exercise. At Longevity, we treat every person like an athlete. We believe everyone has the potential to reach their functional goals.

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