About Longevity

As practitioners of Applied Functional Science, our physical therapists are trained to assess and treat the entire body, as one body part directly impacts all other body parts.  We take to heart the old childhood song: “The foot bone’s connected to the shin bone”, and so it goes.  In other words, we recognize that the body functions as a chain reaction, where dysfunction at one joint can disrupt the body’s proper biomechanical chain reaction and cause pain at an entirely different area of the body.

At Longevity Physical Therapy, we believe we are “environmentalists”, striving to create a friendly, encouraging environment that allows the body to heal.  We believe in using our hands to create motion that is lacking, or to create stability that is needed.  We believe in facilitating movements that have been lost due to pain, injury, or general disuse.  We believe in training movements to accomplish a patient’s functional goals.  We believe our best gift to our patients is the gift of knowledge, knowledge to understand how the body functions, and how to treat the body when it malfunctions.  We want to be significant to a patient when they are in physical therapy, but insignificant when they are finished with physical therapy, because we have taught them how to continue their treatment plan on their own.