Orthopaedic Rehab


Excluding trauma-induced injuries, most orthopaedic injuries are the result of repetitive stress to a tissue, resulting in the tissue degrading to the point of pain, inflammation, loss of motion, loss of strength, and tissue disruption.

At Longevity Physical Therapy we treat the orthopaedic patient with traditional modalities for pain and swelling, work to restore range of motion and joint mobility, and regain strength and stability through the use of therapeutic exercise.  However, with our expertise in Applied Functional Science and our knowledge of functional biomechanics, we are typically able to help the patient reach their functional goals more quickly.  Not only do we address the patient’s immediate concerns of pain, swelling, reduced range of motion, and weakness, we assess the underlying causes of the offending repetitive stress and treat those causes, effectively decreasing the likelihood of recurrence of the injury.

In addition, with the principles, strategies, and techniques of Applied Functional Science, we are safely putting the patient in authentic, functional environments at an early stage in the rehab process, exposing the patient’s joints, tissues, and neuromuscular system to real life biomechanical loads and demands.  No fancy equipment.  No expensive technology.  Just good old fashioned gravity, body weight, and attention to what the patient’s body needs.