Success Stories

I would definitely use Longevity Physical Therapy again in the future if I ever had the need to do so. I had been going twice a week for two months with slow and steady progress until I no longer need to. The staff is very professional and provide lots of individual attention. Joe L.

An amazing staff with phenomenal results. The owner Brett is an awesome individual who truly has a passion for what he does. The staff is fun, friendly, and super motivating could not be happier with my results! Allison D.

The owner, Brett Bloom, is a great guy. He’s very professional yet caring and personable. Theresa G.

The team at Longevity Physical Therapy is superb. My initial visit established what the source of my soreness/tightness was, every visit I have gone to since then has improved the situation. I have worked with Brett Bloom, the owner, for most of my time at Longevity, his friendliness, and enthusiasm is contagious, his expertise has made my rehabilitation palpable. The trainers (shout out to Stacey, Candace, Max and Will) are encouraging, and ready to explain any of the stretches at anytime. Don’t consider any other option, Longevity is the place to be. David G.

I have been going to Longevity for a few months because I have knee issues and I recently had knee surgery. This has been the best experience with PT! The entire staff is beyond professional and I always have great experiences. Jeff is my therapist, and he takes excellent care of me. Very happy. Heather P.

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I know it has been awhile since you worked with me, but I want to say thank you for everything you did for me and my shoulders. I never got a chance to say that because of the way things ended with me having to cancel all my appointments. I know my mom told you what happened but I wanted to tell you myself. I got in a very serious car accident on my way to my recruiting trip at UCLA and am very lucky that I came out physically unscathed from it. However, I had a lot of trouble with getting back behind the wheel after it happened and wasn’t able to come work with you because of that.

I ended up getting things under control and committing to #6 UCSB. I had a great first season as well. I was one of only two freshman to travel this year and I’m hoping to start next year. My shoulder has also never felt better. I have been injury free since I worked with you. I still do those 6 exercises with the dumbbells every night before bed as long with a few other exercises you showed me with the cage. I have accomplished all the things I was hoping to accomplish in my time here at UCSB so far and I owe a lot of that to you. I appreciate all the effort that you put it in to working with me. It was tough work but I became a much better athlete and player because of it. I really enjoyed working with you. Thank you.

Your former patient,

Nicholas Wiley

Been to one PT after another for YEARS, with little to no results.

Been to one PT after another for YEARS, with little to no results. So when my doctor referred me to Longevity I was absolutely NOT interested in going. It took me over 6 months to make my appointment. When I finally did go I think I told my PT about my negative past experiences but would give this a try anyway…I am disappointed that I didn’t call them sooner, and am more then pleased that for the first time in years I am hopeful that I will achieve my goals and avoid back fusion. They truly listen, are compassionate and understanding, knowledgeable and challenging. I learn something new every time I go there. They have restored my faith in physical therapy and really get results where others fail. The exercises they give me “make sense” and are strengthening my body to be able to heal and do the daily functions I need to do with less pain. They know what they are doing and are a great group of people to work with. Even my doctor of 4 yrs was more then happy with my feedback and told me that for the first time ever he could hear that I had hope that I would get better If you are on the fence about which PT to go with I highly recommend Longevity PT….

Maile Perez

My doctor basically told me the only way to get rid of my “joint” pain was to quit Jiu Jitsu.

My doctor basically told me the only way to get rid of my “joint” pain was to quit Jiu Jitsu. HAH! Yeah right…if these guys can get this 42 year old woman back on the mats feeling better than ever, they can help you. Don’t rely on “using the stretches your buddy’s cousin used who had a SIMILAR” problem like I did. Get an appt and they will figure you out and all the crazy muscles you never knew existed. Plus they really enjoy what they do and seeing you progress. Your victories are theirs. I LOVE the guys and gals here! Thank you for everything!