Happy New Year

Happy New Year and a warm welcome to 2016. I wanted to update you all on some exciting happenings at Longevity Physical Therapy over the last few months.  First, on December 8, we had our 5th Annual Holiday Party at … Continue reading

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February Newsletter: Football Fun At Carlsbad

Everyone Is Busy Training At Longevity Physical Therapy February is a very exciting month for Longevity Physical Therapy Carlsbad. That is when some of the country’s best college football players descend upon Longevity and Prolific Athletes as they prepare for … Continue reading

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January 2015 Newsletter

Longevity thanks you for a great 2014! Happy New Year! 2014 was a blessed year for Longevity Physical Therapy, with unprecedented growth and wonderful new additions of both staff and clinics. The beginning of 2014 saw the opening of our beautiful … Continue reading

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3 weeks of Free 2 Play at SJA

It’s been really fun to watch the athletic director of Saint James Academy implement different matrices for the kids. This morning, I saw a bunch of 7th graders doing anterior lunges to the opposition side. Mind you, there was a … Continue reading

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Free 2 Play Academy: Introduction

Free 2 Play

I have to begin by prefacing that I am a terrible writer. Like I need to go back to grammar school to learn grammar! So I have hesitated to write on our blog in fear that I would be harshly … Continue reading

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Knee Pain: An Applied Functional Science Perspective

As a follow-up to our original discussion regarding the Functional Knee, I thought I’d review how we at Longevity Physical Therapy use our knowledge of Applied Functional Science to evaluate and treat knee pain. Knee pain is a tremendously common … Continue reading

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The Fannypackable Offense

There’s a new addition to our Longevity culture: it’s what we call “the fannypackable offense.”  Our inspiration: Nick Kniefel. It all started one day when we received a group text from Brett at Mission Gorge with a picture of Nick leaning … Continue reading

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Each Moment is a Choice

For me, life is more manageable if I think of each moment as a choice. This is a phrase I say to myself on a daily basis. When you break choices down into moments, it’s helpful: rather than thinking, “I … Continue reading

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Locked Out and More Mindful

  Since this is my first blog, I had it all perfectly planned out: I’d sit down with a glass of wine on my porch and write a very eloquent blog about how I’m trying to become more mindful. I’d … Continue reading

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The Functional Knee: A Victim of Circumstances

  To kick off our injury blog series, I thought I’d talk about one of the most common diagnoses presented at Longevity Physical Therapy: knee injuries.  Knee injuries, numerous as they are, come in all types, shapes, and sizes.  We … Continue reading

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