Andrew Pavlov, DPT, CSCS

Doctor of Physical Therapy

Andrew is an amazing addition to the Longevity Team.  He is a Southern California native and he comes to us from the renown USC Physical Therapy Doctorate Program.  He has gained valuable experience all over the nation in Sports Medicine as well as inpatient Physical Therapy.  Andrew brings his Strength and Conditioning Certification to his physical therapy practice and it allows him to think outside the box and add to his patient’s program.

Andrew comes to the practice with a sincere passion to help each and everyone of his patients .  Indeed, every patient matters. Doing the best he can to show each person the compassion and care they deserve is key.

By treating each patient individually, he can achieve excellence in his practice.  Each patient comes in with a unique set of limitations, goals, and personality, and therefore, treatment can be tailored to them in a way that helps them be most successful, both within and outside of PT.

As a recent grad, Andrew is lucky to have learned some of the most recent treatment strategies and techniques that are well-supported by research and evidence. He stays up-to-date on these things and combines evidence-based practice with his developing clinical experiences.

Supportive of the culture at Longevity, Andrew focuses on doing the right thing; treating patients with respect, integrity, and passion for the profession.  In addition to working at Longevity, Andrew also teaches anatomy lab at SDSU for their 1st year Doctor of Physical Therapy students.  He is recently married, enjoys playing sports, hiking, and traveling.

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