Brittney Ellers, PT, DPT, RYT200

Doctor of Physical Therapy


Brittney is a perfect addition to Longevity. She is passionate about helping people. She is a dedicated a problem solver and she prides herself on being able to find solutions to her patients’ ailments. She is driven by an overall balanced and healthy lifestyle. She wants to be able to encourage others to find that balance in their own lives. As a certified yoga instructor, her way of achieving this is through practicing yoga, which she loves to share with her patients in physical therapy.

Brittney has learned how to listen to a patient really listen to what is going on with him/her. She does her best to take what they have told her and form a patient specific and functional program to get them back to being the best version of themselves with their goals in mind.

Brittney is innovative in her incorporation of yoga into her therapy sessions, if the patient is open to it. She incorporates breathwork with exercise because in her experience, using breath as a guide for movement therapy is key, even when starting with basic movements.

Like all of Longevity’s physical therapists, Brittney does what she can to help her patients get the therapy they need with their busy schedules. If this means hand drawing specific exercises for the patient to take home with him/her, she will do it! Brittney is determined to make sure her patients have the tools they need to expedite their healing process and empower them to take the lead in reaching their goals.

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