Kassandra Chrisco, PT, DPT

Doctor of Physical Therapy

Kassandra recently joined the Longevity Team. She brings enthusiasm and an eclectic approach to patient care and activities outside the clinic. She wants the patient to be able to experience something new so they can return to their functional activity at home or sport. She is active in hiking, soccer, basketball, cycling, running, swimming, yoga and pilates. She brings these experiences in sport and academics to provide a care plan for each individual patient.

Kassandra always makes the patient her first priority when they walk into the clinic. She  provides the best care possible for each patient.  This requires continual learning on her part, collaborating with her colleagues and other members of the healthcare community.

Kassandra is innovative in her approach to patient care by treating the whole person and by rooting out the causes of an injury or pain instead of seeking temporary relief. Patient education is very important. If the patient understands her philosophy and actions, they will also see the benefit of PT. 

Like the entire Longevity Team,  Kassandra is very service oriented.  Service for her includes providing her time and effort in the direct needs of the patient day to day. Mental, physical and internal health are all important aspects of patient care.

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