Kenny Langworthy, DPT

Doctor of Physical Therapy

Kenny is one of those full circle employees we like to promote. He worked for Longevity as a Physical Therapy Aide from 2013-2015, and now comes to us as a Doctor of Physical Therapy.  Nothing is better than watching our employees grow and learn, right under our noses!

As a new physical therapist, Kenny’s goal is to improve people’s ability to participate in the activities they love.  He hopes to promote a healthy and active lifestyle centered around movement and exercise.  He doesn’t just preach this, he, himself is very active in fitness and recreation including soccer, golf, basketball, guitar, drums and skateboarding.

As a recent grad, Kenny is lucky to have learned some of the most recent treatment strategies and techniques that are well-supported by research and evidence. He stays up-to-date on these things and combines evidence-based practice with his developing clinical experiences.  In fact, in one of his clinical rotations in school, he had the opportunity to work with spinal cord injured patients, stroke patients and amputees.  He values this experience working with a variety of patients.  One of the driving factors that brought him back to Longevity as a physical therapist is his desire to apply treatment methods based on AFS (Applied Function Science).  This allows him to cater treatment plans based on an individual’s experience and needs through this AFS approach.

Kenny takes pride in being an active listener and communicator with patients during their treatment.  His goal is to make sure his patients constantly know and understand what the treatment is and why they are doing it.  He hopes this will empower the patient and keep them motivated.

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