Paula Lamont, PT, DPT

Paula brings has a passion for running/jogging and kinetic chain biomechanics.  She brings this passion as well as the knowledge of how it can alter running performance, injury risk and overuse injuries to her practice at Longevity.  She is also passionate about helping people realize ways they can move their bodies and teach them exercises that they may not know they are capable of doing.  She leads by example, as her own personal health and fitness plays a huge role in her life and ability to relate to patients recovering from injuries .

Paula contributes to excellence in her patient’s therapy experience with the passion, enthusiasm and general concern for each patient. Paula has insight into the patient experience because of her own time as a physical therapy patient in both the USA and New Zealand. Paula focuses on self improvement, always trying to better herself and learning new therapy techniques.

Paula is well connected in the local healthcare community and this helps her continue to explore new methods and techniques to continue to improve her practice.

Paula’s priority is to listen to her patients and to to ensure she is helping them achieve their specific goals, while addressing all aspects of the healthcare spectrum, not just focusing on functionality and pain.

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