Ryan O’Conner, PT, DPT, CAFS

Doctor of Physical Therapy

Ryan is passionate about physical therapy and patient care. Everyday he strives to do all that he can to help people return to the activities and sports that they want to as well as being able to participate in all of their functional activities that are important to them in their daily lives. He wants to eliminate the physical barriers in people’s lives that prevent them from living the lives they desire to lead. His work is framed by how important movement and being active has been in his own life. Ryan participates in a wide variety of activities including surfing, hiking, basketball, yoga, running, snowboarding, climbing, and backpacking.

Ryan contributes to excellence in the patient’s therapy experience my truly listening to and being attentive to each patient that he work with. He provides the highest level of quality of care and service to all of his patients. Ryan makes an individual connection with all of the patients that he works and builds a relationship based on trust and respect.

Ryan innovates the therapy experience by empowering patients to realize that they are the ones that have the power to improve their quality of life and achieve their goals. He also implements the an individual plan for each patient that includes the most effective blend of therapeutic exercise and manual therapy.

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