Tanner Crass, PT, DPT, CSCS

Clinic Director

Tanner recently joined the Longevity team.  He has been a physical therapist in San Diego for a few years and is excited to advance his knowledge of Applied Functional Science.  Tanner received his Doctorate of Physical Therapy at Columbia in New York City.  Tanner brings a wide range of outpatient physical therapy experience which will benefit our Mission Gorge patients.

Tanner is passionate about the benefits of physical therapy for his patients.  He really values his patients and feels that by actively listening to them, he will gain all the information he needs to provide them with the best treatment plan.  He insists that the patient plays a much more vital role in his or her own recovery than the physical therapist. This personal approach is why patients look to him for guidance and support. Tanner always treats each patient as an individual, not based on his or her injury.  He focuses on which activities the patient is having difficulty with and works to improve their performance.  This results in all around functional improvement for the patient.

Like his peers at Longevity, Tanner stays current on the latest physical therapy studies and evidence, yet is always willing to try new techniques with an understanding that all patients are different and respond differently new approaches,

Similarly, Tanner feels patient education is crucial in the treatment process and promoting self-efficacy is vital to a successful recovery.  Tanner’s goal is to have patients understand how to be empowered and take an important role in their rehab and recovery.

Tanner is a great asset the Longevity Team!

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